Alterations by Ana Laura

'Sew Blessed' text with sewing machine

Thank you for visiting my page. Here are some pictures of sewing projects that I have enjoyed working on.

Altering bridal dresses has become a true passion and my main focus. I love the dream of a wedding! My goal is to help the bride look and feel lovely in her dress.

A dear friend introduced me to quilting which I have truly enjoyed learning. The customer for this quilt needed parts of it repaired and I'm glad she was happy with the end results.

A big part of my customers need repairs for their clothing of all types. Through the years I have also sewn for family and friends.

Teaching others to sew has been something I have had the blessing to do in the past years. I love seeing these young girls excited about learning a skill that they can definitely use in their lives.

We are the Paasch family and are very thankful for God's goodness to us. I would not be as successful without the support of my family, they are my joy and blessing.

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